GOUGE Festival Premiere at Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival


It is my pleasure to announce the first stop on the GOUGE Festival Tour: the Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival! This is your chance to fist pump your way to the Shore and be treated to a plethora of short films in every genre. Spring has sprung on the East Coast, I hope to see you all down in Asbury Park on April 27th for the Festival Premiere of GOUGE, the must-see 15-minute thriller.

Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Showroom in Asbury Park, NJ

Horror/Thriller Block 8, 1:40 pm, Room 1


Buy Tickets to the Jersey Shore Shorts Film Festival! There are only a couple of tickets left for the Horror/Thriller block featuring GOUGE. Block 8 1:40pm Room 1.

Visit www.GOUGEfilm.com for more news, videos and photos!


This week’s episode of Breaking Bad opens up in prison and we learn that Mike has two skills we weren’t privy to before, (1) he moonlights as a paralegal and (2) he gives a mean side-eye. Okay, well we might have already known about the side-eye thing, but this is Mike, so any new face is worth mentioning. We learn that Mike is making the rounds to all of his “guys” to let them know that even though the DEA took all their Gus Hush Money, they will be receiving their “Hazard Money” soon.

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So the fabulous Breaking Bad is back and badder than ever! Episode 2 opens with a sad looking German dude sampling tater tot dipping sauces – I don’t know about him, but if that was my job I’d put a fucking smile on my face. Anyway, we discover that this man, is some super important business owner guy who, guess what? Owns Pollos Hermanos. The DEA were able to trace the whole big meth operation back to this tater tot eating German guy using the scribble scratch on the picture frame from episode 1 and they want answers! Too bad Herr Tator Tot decides to off himself by grabbing the nearest unattended defibrillator and giving himself the big deep fry.

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